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On Avatar and Obamas

What is the BFD about Avatar, anyway? Is it really that great? Let me know!

Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House theatre

Rock City news item

I made it into the latest issue of Rock City News magazine. Check out page 7 of the April issue, which is dedicated to previewing LA JEMM‘s Medical Marijuana Awareness Festival on April 18. I share a spread with the great Count Smokula from Smokesylvania. You can view the entire issue online, at the Rock City News website (click the flip-book beneath the image of the new magazine cover), or pick up a copy of the magazine at one of dozens of locations in the L.A. metro area.

Rock City News cover story

Several weeks ago Ruben MacBlue, my editor at LA JEMM and Rock City News magazines, gave me the green light to interview Anthony Aquarius Mystery, L.A.’s Jimi Hendrix impersonator extraordinaire. That interview with Mystery became the cover story for the new issue of Rock City News, whose April issue is dedicated to previewing LA JEMM’s Medical Marijuana Awareness Festival. Pick up a copy at a coffeeshop, record store, or other cool location in the L.A. Metro area.

RahmWatch: SNL’s Samberg does Emanuel

This is a classic:

View the video on GawkerTV

More on this topic:

  • “Fucknutsville” (a term Rahm uses to refer to Washington, DC)
  • “Knucklefuck” (Rahm’s personal variation on the word “knucklehead,” which is apparently not strong enough to suit him)
  • “Fucking retarded” (Rahm’s characterization of a faction of Democrats, which led to controversy and the SNL spoof above)
  • “Let’s not nominate fucking idiots” (Rahm’s formula for successful presidential elections)
  • “You guys aren’t going to ratfuck me, are you?” (Rahm’s query to a reporter)

The above list is mostly taken from Naftali Bendavid’s book The Thumpin’: How Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats Learned to Be Ruthless and Ended the Republican Revolution. According to the author, Emanuel’s mother blames herself for her son’s frequent dropping of the f-bomb, explaining that she never forbade her sons to curse. An amusing anecdote appears at the end of Bendavid’s poignant recounting of the incident in which a teenaged Rahm accidentally severed his middle finger and narrowly cheated death:

“After six weeks, Emanuel got fed up with being in the hospital, pulled the IV tube out of his arm, and checked himself out. ‘Afterwards I was worried that the fever might have affected his mentality or his intellect,’ his mother said. ‘But the first time he woke up I realized he was cursing, and it was, “He’s going to be okay.”‘”

Web TV interview online

If you missed my interview on the Robert Hatfield show (or if you just want to see it again), you can check it out now at

And be careful with those brownies. 

Courtesy of LAist…

This photo by okarol appeared on today’s LAist.

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Life in the 21st Century

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Traditional Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon 2010

100% Weird

So someone decided to protest domestic violence by creating a free website, “Hit The Bitch,” where you can use your computer mouse to simulate beating up a woman. The protest part comes in after you’ve hit her enough times to become “100% Gangsta.” At that point you get the following message:

I don’t know if this is really the best way to stop domestic violence, because the game is pretty fun, once you figure it out. The download times are kind of a hassle, though.