Correction: BIO, not Solazyme, responsible for cloned pigs

After receiving numerous indignant emails today from individuals purporting to represent Solazyme, I’ve done some additional digging and found that it is apparently BIO (Biotechnology Industry Organization), and NOT Solazyme, that placed the cloned-human-transplant pigs in the convention hall for last week’s Chicago conference. From Solazyme‘s communications, I’ve gathered that they are “a renewable oil company, focused on converting algae to oil within a sustainable process for use in making biofuels, foods and cosmetics. They do NOT work with livestock.” I apologize for the mistake and for any inconvenience it may have caused.

However, the story stays interesting. The cloned livestock is for real. And it turns out that you can check out the GE (genetically engineered) animals for yourself in September, when BIO holds its Livestock Biotech Summit in South Dakota. From BIO’s website:

“The livestock biotech summit is BIO’s first national industry conference on genetically engineered (GE) animal technologies. This conference will uniquely focus on developing global solutions through animal biotechnology.” 

BIO’s stated motive for displaying its cloned pigs and calves is to prove that

“these healthy creatures do not look different from any other pig or calf you’ve ever seen but these animals, and others like them, are laying the foundation for transforming public health, helping the environment, improving food production and enhancing animal welfare.”

Well, judging from the fact that Solazyme was extremely anxious to distance itself from this technology, BIO will have its work cut out for it in convincing the general public to accept the new genetic advances, however revolutionary.

Just as I predicted, this is a hot-button issue. More later.

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