Rough cut of my new music video now online!

I’ve uploaded a rough edit of my new music video, “I’ll Be Your Mirror” (not a VU cover), to YouTube. Check it out at:

Keep in mind that the video is still in progress, and the song is a demo version. I still have more work to do on this video and my first music video, “Book 49,” and will release official clips once I finish studio versions/masters of the songs.
Right now I’m functioning on minimal sleep, since I’ve stayed up way late the past several nights, trying to finish this. So I will merely paste the press release below, and wish you goodnight … or good morning … XO



Bicoastal rocker, writer, and personality Gena Mason has released a rough cut of the music video for her song “I’ll Be Your Mirror.” It’s her second music video, and can be seen online at (Her first video, “Book 49,” is at

Mason based her original tune “I’ll Be Your Mirror” on Homer’s classic The Odyssey and on her own background working as an exotic dancer (a youthful, three-month stint to pay for art school). Gena’s brief experience in the seamy sex industry led her to relate to the deadly ocean sirens singing in one passage of Homer’s work, and she wrote her own version of their verses. The result is “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” a love song sung from a siren’s perspective.
As with “Book 49,” Gena made the video for “I’ll Be Your Mirror” almost entirely by herself. The sole assistance was provided by her friend Sean Martinez, who helped out on some camerawork while both were living at Karma Triyana Dharmachakra — a Tibetan Buddhist monastery atop Mead’s Mountain in Woodstock, NY. In addition to making the videos for “I’ll Be Your Mirror” and “Book 49,” Gena played all of the instruments and recorded the demo tracks herself. Final cuts of both music videos will issue after Gena has completed studio versions of the tunes.

But Gena will have help onstage when she performs this month in L.A. Various members of her rotating band lineup are slated to appear with her on April 18, at LA JEMM Magazine‘s Medical Marijuana Awareness Festival, and on April 22 at Busby’s Mile High Club. These shows mark Mason’s first live appearances in Los Angeles since she returned to New York City in 2005.

In other recent news, last week L.A. entertainment impresario Robert Hatfield interviewed Gena on his live web-TV program, to rave reviews. Catch the clip here:


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  1. It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.

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