RahmWatch: SNL’s Samberg does Emanuel

This is a classic:

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More on this topic:

  • “Fucknutsville” (a term Rahm uses to refer to Washington, DC)
  • “Knucklefuck” (Rahm’s personal variation on the word “knucklehead,” which is apparently not strong enough to suit him)
  • “Fucking retarded” (Rahm’s characterization of a faction of Democrats, which led to controversy and the SNL spoof above)
  • “Let’s not nominate fucking idiots” (Rahm’s formula for successful presidential elections)
  • “You guys aren’t going to ratfuck me, are you?” (Rahm’s query to a reporter)

The above list is mostly taken from Naftali Bendavid’s book The Thumpin’: How Rahm Emanuel and the Democrats Learned to Be Ruthless and Ended the Republican Revolution. According to the author, Emanuel’s mother blames herself for her son’s frequent dropping of the f-bomb, explaining that she never forbade her sons to curse. An amusing anecdote appears at the end of Bendavid’s poignant recounting of the incident in which a teenaged Rahm accidentally severed his middle finger and narrowly cheated death:

“After six weeks, Emanuel got fed up with being in the hospital, pulled the IV tube out of his arm, and checked himself out. ‘Afterwards I was worried that the fever might have affected his mentality or his intellect,’ his mother said. ‘But the first time he woke up I realized he was cursing, and it was, “He’s going to be okay.”‘”


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