RahmWatch: Emanuel as Chicago’s next mayor?

Rumor has it Rahm Emanuel wants to run next year for mayor of Chicago.

The problem: he’s insisted that he won’t oppose his friend Mayor Daley, and sources say Daley plans on running again in 2011. Therefore, to queries regarding his interest in the job, Emanuel has issued a classic Washington-style “denial” that of course doesn’t deny anything at all.

Chicago mayor could be a great role for Rahm. During his years serving in high-octane positions in the Clinton and Obama administrations, he’s proven amply that he’s a team player. However, his own personality has sometimes overshadowed those of his bosses, and I suspect he may be more suited to a position as lord of his own purlieu. Moreover, after helping to run the country, Emanuel’s more than likely capable of running Chicago. Maybe it’s just curiosity on my part, but I’d like to see him stretch his wings in an executive capacity.

But what will Daley do? Clearly the Democrats owe Rahm big-time by now; he’s helped them regain Congress in 2006, shepherded through the seemingly-doomed-but-historic healthcare bill, and accomplished other near-Herculean feats. I say it’s time they gave him his due.

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