RahmWatch: What’s going on in the White House?

Not going gentle into that good night

Does anyone else besides me have a bad feeling about all this? Conventional wisdom holds it that Emanuel and his sandpaper persona are on the way out of their post as Barack Obama’s Chief of Staff. Internal tensions are on the rise, and the West Wing’s not big enough for the two of them, or something to that effect.

OK, no big deal, right? Staffers change all the time at the White House … right?

But just look at this guy.

I’m no political insider, but what I’ve gleaned of Emanuel’s personality profile instinctively causes me to urge Obama to handle RIE with extreme care.

Nonetheless, I’m rooting for Rahm. Not only because I think our president needs him; I’m also beginning to suspect that we may all need Rahmbo more than we know.


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