Privacy is so 20th-century

Google's Opt-Out Village

Worried about your privacy while browsing the web? According to this video by the Onion, Google is now offering privacy-preoccupied users a sole alternative to the scouring of their personal data: Google “doubters” can move to a place called the “Opt-Out Village.” Within moments after rejecting online surveillance, you’ll be picked up and driven to a remote location, detailed in the video. But be forewarned: qualifications for living in the Village are the abilities to suture wounds and bury corpses by hand.

Google Opt Out Feature Lets Users Protect Privacy By Moving To Remote Village

Funny stuff. But a little less funny after you read this recent true story (as reported by BlawgIt) about school administrators in Philadelphia’s Lower Merion School District who remotely activated webcams on students’ laptops to spy on them in their own homes! Principal Lindy Matsko justified the scheme as an attempt to nab a 15-year-old for “selling drugs” (the student, Blake Robbins, claims the “drugs” were Mike & Ike candies). Lower Merion parents have filed a lawsuit; the local DA and FBI are investigating.


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