Symbol of chaos magic

We could all use a little magic in our lives, especially during these dark days of autumn. In this post I’ll describe one simple (and fun!) way to do a magical working that can help make a wish come true.

If fulfilling your wish will not overtax the universe, you can sometimes bring about such a “deliberate coincidence” by an act of will. Some believe that magic derives its power from the principle that every compelling thought or desire creates a corresponding, semi-sentient energy form on the astral plane. This astral energy form, a form of your will, can then manifest on the material plane.

As aids to manifestation, sigils are “glyph[s] of desire stylized so as not to immediately suggest the desire.”*

Sigil magic is composed of 3 steps:

1. Making the sigil
2. Charging the sigil
3. Forgetting the sigil


Liber Null, the influential book written by chaos magician Peter Carroll, describes several ways to create sigils: from words, images, and sounds. For now I’ll describe only the first of these, the “word method.” I’ll illustrate by creating a sample sigil below.

First, concentrate on a desire that you would like to manifest. Reduce the wish to a word or short phrase. Then write down this word or phrase. For this illustration, I’ve chosen the word “EXAMPLE.”

Now cross out any repeated letters in your word or phrase of desire, like this:


You’ll create a sigil from the remaining letters. (In my example, these letters are E, X, A, M, P, and L.) Take these, and then start playing with them, arranging them in creative ways. Call it a glorified doodle. If you wish, create several sketches until you find one that you want to concentrate on for a while. Here are sketches of how I’ve abstracted my selected letters:

sigil_sketchesNext, develop your sketch until you feel that it’s finished. Here’s the sigil I ended up with from the word “EXAMPLE”:


Example of a finished sigil


The sigil can best be charged (infused with power) during moments of high psychic or emotional excitement. Such moments can occur, for instance, during magical trance or sexual orgasm; or at times of terror, fury, or intense embarrassment or chagrin. At any such time, visualize the sigil and concentrate on this mental image.


Opinions differ on this final step. I know one practitioner who keeps her sigils prominent in her consciousness by constructing altars around them, chanting mantras before them, and so forth. But many other practitioners claim that your desire does not often manifest until you have forgotten about it. This may be because the energy of a word spell dissipates if the mind is constantly focused on it, since this constant focus can eventually drain the symbol of the desire associated with it. This is why many choose to deliberately “lose” the sigil after it has been made, so as not to weaken its attached energy. If you opt to do this, you can “lose” your sigil by burning or burying it, throwing it into a large body of water, or simply putting it away in a place you’re not likely to encounter it for a while. At the same time, deliberately put the sigil out of your mind.

That’s it! Good luck!

*Peter Carroll, Liber Null



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