The Microchipping of America

3339_01I’ve pasted below an excerpt from the introduction of my paper “The Microchipping of America: Human Rights Implications of Human Bar Codes.” Since I originally drafted this piece as a law school thesis, it’s written in legalese. But if you can get past that, you might find the topic interesting. What do you think about the implantation (either consensual or coerced) of microchips into human beings?


“While incarcerated at Fishkill Correctional Facility, at the urging of prison doctors, New York resident Brian Wronge agreed to undergo a surgical procedure.  After the operation, however, Wronge began suspecting that the surgeons had somehow tampered with him while he was on the operating table.  Sure enough, upon his release, Wronge subsequently underwent separate CT scans, MRIs, and physical examinations that all showed the presence of ‘metal foreign objects’ implanted in his head, chest, and ears.

“In possession of this evidence that he had been implanted with ‘paramagnetic metallic foreign bodies,’ or microchips, without his knowledge or consent, Wronge filed suit in federal court.  However, the district court judge refused to let his case proceed unless Wronge had the suspected microchips surgically removed.  Unsurprisingly, Wronge was unable to locate any physicians who would perform the procedure, and therefore found his lawsuit irremediably frustrated.

“The new technology of human microchipping is fraught with potential risks and benefits. Microchipping may carry valuable benefits in the areas of health care, security, and finance. However, with physical risks including cancer, gene-therapy-related death, and other possible genetic dangers; and social risks such as loss of privacy, harassment, violations of the Nuremberg Code and U.S. laws, and the rebirth of the eugenics movement, the time has come for a serious examination of all aspects of our new ability to implant microchips into human beings.”

I’ll post the full article as soon as I figure out how.


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