Who Are Your Heroes?

As I finished outlining my earlier blog post about Jim Carroll (see below), I started thinking about people in my life who are or have been heroes to me. And then I thought about Alex. If you haven’t heard of Alex Grey, you will. And if you know of him, then you know of the incredible gifts of this visionary artist.  

I won’t write much yet about my friendship with Alex, in part because our story is still unfolding. But the first time I met him I felt a connection. This was confirmed when, days later, I learned that we have the same birthday (November 29). Soon after that, I wrote “He Who Is to Come,” a song (still in progress) inspired by Alex. I then spent a semester assisting him as an intern, and have sporadically kept in touch since then.

So this morning, with him on my mind, I walked out into the lobby of the place where I’m staying, and saw that someone had posted on the community bulletin board a flyer about one of Alex’s upcoming events with his wife, Allyson (another talented artist).

I took the synchronistic moment as a message from Fate, admonishing me not to make the same mistake with Alex that I made with Jim Carroll (see earlier post). And I take that lesson to heart. I feel honored to have this extraordinary individual in my life, and I am grateful to be Alex’s friend.

So, while I’m on the topic, I’d like to know: who are your heroes? Feel free to comment.


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